About Us

"As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen" ~Winnie the Pooh

At Jules we believe that everything happens for a reason. Our lives are an amazing messy wonderful path of twists and turns. My personal journey have not been easy. I am an 13 year cancer survivor.  And as awful of an experience that was it brought a lot of people and experiences into my life I would've never had without it. Hopefully the bad has been over shadowed by many wonderful events of weddings, babies, late night Guitar Hero sessions, and the beauty of love, sorrow and surviving having 2 beautiful teenage daughters.  Our lives are a journey and it's important to share the moments with those we love around us.
Jules Products is my 2nd baby after creating 2 Lisas Boutique in 2013 with my BFF Lisa. We wanted a store to lift spirits, motivate, inspire and really our original intent was to make you laugh. We wanted to provide products that you just have to have for your bff.  I love to send my bestie funny snap chats, memes, gifs, product we know the other can’t live without and we love to inspire each other.  
We wanted more for you because you deserve it and so I created Jules Products. The canvas zipper bags, paper products and drinkware were designed for you.  Each product was designed with special journeys, and adventures in mind.  When you see our products we want you to inspire, laugh and maybe cry. Giving a great gift is the ultimate way to tell someone special what they mean to you.   
There is always, always, always something to be thankful for!  With Love, Jules
I guess this selfie in the car is the best picture I have right now.  enjoy!